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Your home is more than just a house — it’s where life happens. At Killingsworth, we want to keep your family safe and comfortable with our full suite of home services. We provide solutions for pest control, lawn services, and more. With our world-class customer service, we provide excellent custom packaging deals and state of the art technology to the Carolinas. We always make sure each of our customers get their Killingsworth!


Our Customer Service

As an award winning residential maintenance service company in the Carolinas, we pride ourselves in excellent customer service. Our team of highly-trained maintenance experts are always on time and respectful, so you can trust you’re in good hands.

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Does Killingsworth Provide Discounts For Bundling Multiple Services?

Yes! When bundling any Pest Control Plan with Termite Protection, on average customers save 30%. Contact us about our bundles.

Are The Chemicals Used In Killingsworth’s Services Safe For My Family And Pets?

We only apply chemicals in accordance to the their labels and federal laws, and in the safest way possible. Once applied, contact should be limited until products are completely dry, much like you would use caution with household cleaners.

Does Killingsworth Offer Residential Disinfection Services?

Yes! Similar to our commercial disinfection service, our residential disinfection service includes bio-fogging and hard surface disinfection using the most effective disinfection products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Have Any Of Your Services Changed Due To The Coronavirus Outbreak?

While all of our services are still available, we’re working to limit in-person contact by practicing social distancing and wearing protective clothing while providing indoor services.

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