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Signs of Bed Bugs

People often mistake bed bug bites for flea bites, mosquito bites, or other rashes but these pests are active at all hours of the day and bite any available exposed skin. A bed bug bite will appear as a raised red welt that burns and itches. It may even form a straight line or zig zag of multiple other bites.

If you suspect bed bug bites, look for physical evidence on and around your mattress and bed frame. You might find the actual bed bugs themselves, cast/shed skins, or blood stains on your sheets and pajamas. Wash your clothes in hot water and discard heavily infested items. Vacuum any infested areas thoroughly and be careful when traveling.




Bed Bug K-9 Detection and Thermal Radiation

Due to their mobility, bed bugs aren’t easy to catch. At Killingsworth, our specialists use K-9 Detection and Thermal Radiation to ensure that your house is bed-bug free in our three-part removal plan.

Our Three Part Bed Bug Removal Plan:

Bed bugs don’t have a chance against the expertly trained Killingsworth Jack Russell Terriers. Humans can detect 30% of bed bug issues, but our dogs have a success rate of 98%. Our K9 team is trained to catch any sign of bed bugs.

Killingsworth offers bed bug treatment and control to Charlotte and surrounding areas. We use a type of heat treatment that stops bed bugs dead in their tracks! Our electric bed bug heaters increase room temperatures to 135°F, the temperature needed to exterminate bed bugs all together.

Some pest control companies set their temperature at 200°F, which is excessive, unnecessary heat that can melt and damage household items. We monitor on location using sensors to ensure that lethal temperatures are reached without damaging the space and its contents–just one way we’re committed to always looking out for whats best for you.

After the bed bug treatment is completed, our highly-trained K-9 teams will be brought back in to make sure all bed bugs have been killed and your home is rid of bed bugs!

Where Bed Bugs Hide

People who travel often are at a higher risk of having a bed bug problem, as bed bugs are commonly found in areas with many guests like hotels, universities or hospitals. Bed bugs are nimble creatures and can spread from anywhere such as a bag, room to room, apartment to apartment, and even used furniture.

Bed bugs–often mistake for carpet beetles or spider beetles–live in articles of furniture, clothing, or bedding can spread to multiple rooms within a home or even multiple dwellings in a building. They are hard to treat, as they travel with you, burrowed in suitcases and boxes.  Their only trace is the dark, reddish brown stains they leave and their itchy bites.

Bed Bug Identification

If you have a bed bug infestation, the earlier you can catch it, the easier they are to treat. Look for reddish brown stains or dark spots (from bodily waste) on your sheets and mattress cover, eggs and eggshells, as well as live bugs.

You can find bed bugs practically anywhere once they spread. From fabric, to drawers, and even small cracks in the wall or wall hangings, bed bugs can get to any surface. To prevent further infestation, important to seek bed bug treatment as soon as one of these pests are identified.

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