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Pest Spotlight: What To Do if You Find a Snake in Your Home

How to Safely Remove the Snake in Your Home We all know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone who found a snake in their home… Or worse, it was YOU who found a snake in your home! No matter who it happens to, it’s a scary experience. One that certainly gets you thinking about what you would do if you found a snake in your home.   In all, there

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Ticks & 4 Other Pests To Be Spooked About

5 Spooky Carolina Pests To Keep An Eye Out For It’s October in the Carolinas and you know what that means — Halloween is right around the corner! Although you may love a good scare, nothing will compare to finding these five spooky Carolina pests in your home. From ticks and spiders, to bed bugs and bats, let’s take a closer look at the pests that don’t need a costume

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Holiday Home Decorating: Halloween Edition

Take Your Halloween Decorations to the Next Level With These 8 Ideas! Do you and your neighbors take holiday home decor a little too seriously?  Hey! As long as it’s all in good fun, we don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little friendly competition. At Killingsworth Environmental, we consider ourselves to be your partner in all things home. Therefore, we feel it is our responsibility to help you step

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Our Favorite Autumn Plants For Container Gardening

8 Autumn Plants To Make You Fall in Love with Container Gardening  Spring and summer are commonly thought of as the perfect time for outdoor gardening. After all, warm temperatures and rain are more common in the spring and summer, and the beneficial insects that help your garden grow are most active then, too!   But what if we told you that fall could yield a beautiful garden as well —

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Landscaping Ideas For Areas Where Grass Won’t Grow

What To Do When Grass Won’t Grow Do you have a stubborn patch in your yard that just won’t grow any grass? Don’t worry! Chances are there’s something else you can grow in its place. We know how frustrating it can be to try to make grass grow, which is why we rounded up a couple of our favorite alternatives to cover those areas of naked ground. But first, let’s

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An Inside Look at SMART Pest Control for Your Property 

When it comes to rodent control, there's only one solution that combines digital automation with professional expertise: the SMART Pest Control System.

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