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Beneficial Insect vs. Harmful Pest: Know The Difference

There are two types of bugs: beneficial insects and harmful pests. Learn the difference between them and how to identify these insects in your lawn in our blog!

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7 Signs of Termites In Your Home

If you’ve never experienced termites before, or are unaware of the damage different termite species can cause, then you’re likely unaware of the tell-tale signs of termites. We’re going to discuss the three different types of termites to keep an eye out for, as well as the seven signs of termites in your home.

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Pest Spotlight: 12 Facts About Spiders

While no one wants a spider making their home its own, there’s no denying that spiders are an important part of our ecosystem. Here are 12 interesting spider facts that may make you think twice about these arachnids the next time you encounter one in your home!

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10 Lawn Diseases That Could Be Damaging Your Yard

Have you ever noticed any of these lawn diseases in your yard? Killingsworth is here to help you identify them all!

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Ant Invasion: What To Do When The Ants Come Marching

Tips To Preventing & Eliminating Your Ant Invasion It’s that time of year again: ant season. While ants can be active all throughout the year, you’re most likely to notice them in the spring and summer. These pesky critters are notorious for invading your home quickly—usually before you even get the chance to notice! In this blog, we cover how to prevent ants from invading your home, and what to

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The Ultimate Schedule For Yearly Home Maintenance

Your Guide To Outdoor & Indoor Yearly Home Maintenance As a homeowner, it’s your job to take care of your house all year long. From refreshing your home in spring to battening down the hatches in winter, there’s specific care your home needs in every season. While there are plenty of other yearly home maintenance checklists out there, this guide offers a detailed and comprehensive list to carry your home

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