3 Creative Gardening Ideas for your Mailbox
  1. 3 Creative Gardening Ideas for your Mailbox

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

3 Creative Gardening Ideas for your Mailbox

Beautify Your Mailbox

When you're looking to add curb appeal, don't overlook the closest thing to the street - your mailbox!

We compiled three different ways to put your green thumb to the test and decorate your mailbox for better curb appeal.

1. Colorful (Yet Strong) Flowers

Mailboxes are right up against the street, which means your plants need to be extra tough. But colorful flowers can brighten up your home nicely! Look for breeds that can hold up to both summer heat and winter snow.

Some of our favorites include drought-tolerant sedum, California poppies, iris, rosemary, coreopsis, and colorful petunias and verbena.

2. Vines

Another option for your mailbox is to grow a small vine, such as clematis, on the post. The flowers are large and showy and the plant does a good job of covering your post in no time.

Some varieties will grow to be 15 feet or more, so keep in mind regular pruning will be necessary.

You can compliment it with a variety of other perennials such as yarrow, salvia, lavender, or ornamental grasses.

3. Flowering Grass

Consider spicing up your mailbox decor with long flowering grass like Mexican feather grass.

This will add an airy flow to your yard with even the slightest breeze - and requires relatively low maintenance.

Keep in mind that edging is important around any of these mailbox gardens in order to keep a clean distinction between your grass and garden.

The Killingsworth landscaping team is here to help with any of these tasks. Schedule a lawn care service with us for help, and soon your yard will be the envy of the neighborhood!