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  1. 5 Well-Kept Secrets To Cleaning Your Bathroom

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

5 Well-Kept Secrets To Cleaning Your Bathroom

Take Your Spring Bathroom Cleaning To The Next Level

Spring is almost here, and that means it's time for a deep clean. Having an exceptionally clean home is great, but it can be ruined if your bathroom isn't as spotless as the rest of your home. Bathroom cleanliness leaves a lasting impression on guests - good or bad. We're sharing five bathroom cleaning secrets with you today that are guaranteed to take your spring clean to the next level:

1) Heat Things Up

Heating up the tub and bathroom a couple degrees above normal room temperature will allow for a more effective clean. Similar to how you warm your face before washing it, warming your bathroom before cleaning the area allows for a deeper clean.

2) Get Tiles Clean with a Neutral 'pH' cleaner

For a professional clean without damaging your tiles, opt for cleaners with 'natural pH' on the label to ensure your tiles aren't damaged in the cleaning process. Scrubbing the grout completely off the tiles will drastically change their appearance and make them shine!

3) Bleach + Water = An Epic Mixture

Bleach, water and a bit of detergent is all you need for a guaranteed mold-killing mixture, safe for use on all surface areas of your bathroom.

4) Vacuum and Dust

You read that right! Vacuuming and dusting will ensure that no hair and pet dander is left on the floor. You'll be surprised with how far a little vacuuming can go!

5) Let Your Disinfectant Sit

Disinfectants need time to work. If you apply them then immediately wash them off, you are cutting their effectiveness in half. Allow for your cleansers to sit five to ten minutes before wiping them off.

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