DIY Outdoor Design Ideas To Upgrade Your Lawn
  1. DIY Outdoor Design Ideas To Transform Your Lawn

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

DIY Outdoor Design Ideas To Transform Your Lawn

11 DIY Ideas To Upgrade Your Lawn

It’s the time of year again when homeowners decide to upgrade their backyards. From patios and pergolas, to string lights and fences, there are countless ways to transform your lawn on your own (and on a budget). To help you get your lawn summer-ready, keep reading! We’ve got 11 ideas to help you upgrade your lawn easily and quickly. With any luck, and a little hard work, your backyard will look brand new in no time! So roll up your sleeves and grab your toolkit—it’s time to get started!

1. Build A Deck Or Patio

A new patio or deck can be as easy, or as difficult, as you want it to be. If you’re extremely handy, consider pouring a concrete deck or patio. Concrete is extremely customizable, so you can pour it into almost any shape you’d like—no matter how big or small. However, concrete will take longer to cure, which will mean you may not have access to your new deck or patio as quickly as you’d like. If that’s the case, a wooden deck is another DIY option to consider. Once your deck or patio is complete and the wood is sealed, you can start decorating. Add outdoor furniture and a firepit and you’ve got yourself a quaint outdoor living space.

2. Create A Stone Path

If you have an area in your lawn you visit frequently like a garden or a play area for your kids, consider adding a stone path. The stepping stones will protect your lawn from frequent back-and-forth wear and tear, and add a unique element to help upgrade your lawn. Plus, you can purchase stepping stones at a relatively low price, or customize them with sayings, designs, patterns and more.

3. Construct An Outdoor Seating Area

There are various ways to add outdoor seating to upgrade your lawn. While you could purchase outdoor furniture for a deck or patio, you could also add a porch swing or build a tree bench. If your lawn has a large tree you enjoy, build a wooden tree bench. This is a simple DIY project that can add extra seating to your backyard while keeping you one with nature. Once your bench is complete, add decorative outdoor pillows to cozy up the space even more!

4. Add Shade With A Pergola

If your backyard doesn’t have a large tree providing shade, a pergola may be the perfect solution! For the DIY-lovers, building a pergola is a fun project that can add a unique element to upgrade your lawn. The extra shade makes it the perfect place to read, relax or reminisce with friends. If you plan on spending a lot of time sitting under your pergola, add decorative curtains for extra sun and weather protection.

5. Hang Decorative Lights

String lights or lanterns are an affordable and beautiful addition to any backyard. For those who love to spend summer nights outside, these lights can truly brighten up your space—literally. While a soft, yellow glow may be a more peaceful addition, colorful lanterns might give your backyard the pop of color it needs!

6. Build A Fence

Looking for some much-needed privacy? Build a fence! As long as your neighborhood allows it, a fence can upgrade your lawn—and add value to your home. While this project may take a few days to complete, we assure you it’s a DIY project worth investing in.

7. Make A Space For Outdoor Dining

Take the indoors out by creating a space for outdoor dining. Outdoor dinner parties are perfect for summer—, especially under decorative string lights! If you have a large enough space, an outdoor dining area will offer additional seating while also giving you a space to entertain family and friends.

8. Craft A Fire Pit

Speaking of entertaining friends and family, a fire pit is an easy DIY project that you can enjoy all throughout the year. Surround your firepit with handmade benches, or affordable chairs. Then, decorate the space! And don’t forget the marshmallows—an essential to any fire pit.

9. Set Up A Few Lawn Games

For a quick and affordable backyard project, clear a space for lawn games. Games like cornhole, badminton, Kan Jam and more are easy to set up and fun for the whole family. Invite friends over for a friendly tournament, or play one-on-one. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy lawn games all summer long.

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10. Plant Fresh Flowers

It’s amazing what planting a few flowers can do for your lawn. Their bright colors can elevate practically any space. Plant flowers around your mailbox, in your garden, around your home—the options are endless! Potted plants by your front door or flowers in window boxes are also unique ways to add color to your home and upgrade your lawn. Before planting your flowers though, you need to decide where you want to plant them. Certain flowers will need more sun than others, and some will hardly need sun at all, so choose wisely. Then, do your research! Certain flowers or plants are known to attract pests while others are known to deter them. Finally, stage your flowers to determine the best layout based on height, size and color. You don’t want your flowers to grow over each other, so plant strategically.

11. Get Creative With Landscaping

If you’ve got a green thumb, don’t stop with just a few flowers. Instead, get creative with landscaping. When planned correctly, proper landscaping can transform any backyard into an oasis. Well maintained bushes, trees and plants accompanied with specific decorative elements can make your lawn the best looking yard on the block. However, to achieve this level of precision and care, you’re better off leaving it to the professionals. So skip the DIY and give Killingsworth a call! When you want to upgrade your lawn, trust our team to get the job done. We have over 26 years of experience in lawn care, so we know what it takes to transform your backyard. If you’re ready to improve your yard just in time for summer, let us help! Schedule a service today to see what we can do for you.