Use This Epic Formula To Remove Surface Mold For Good
  1. Epic Formula to Get Rid of Surface Mold for Good

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

Epic Formula to Get Rid of Surface Mold for Good

Use This Formula And Have Mold No More!

What is surface mold?

Surface mold grows in just about any damp location, such as the grout lines of a ceramic tiled shower. The biggest health problems from exposure to mold are allergies and asthma in people who are susceptible. To protect your family, start cleaning with this epic formula:

Bleach + detergent - moisture = 0 mold

First, it is important that even for simple cleaning, you protect yourself from contact with mold and the bleach solution by wearing a long-sleeve shirt and long pants as well as plastic or rubber gloves and goggles.

Combine a mixture of 1/2 cup bleach, 1 qt. water and a little detergent and use a scrubbing brush to attack your tiles. The bleach kills the mold, and the detergent will lift it off the surface so you can rinse it away.

If you find that there are still mold stains left on the grout, use bleach to fade them away.

Hint: do a spot test first and wear gloves to protect your hands.

Let the bleach sit for 10 minutes. Rinse the bleach or mixture off the grout with water. Give it time and this should fade away the grout stains.

If the drywall is primed or painted, the mold shouldn't have penetrated it, so you can simply wipe or scrub the mold away using a mold killing solution. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely remove mold from unpainted drywall since it is a porous material. You'll have to cut the sections out and replace with joint compound.

Seal the clean surfaces when they're thoroughly dry to slow future moisture penetration. Apply a grout sealer (available at tile shops and home centers) to tile joints.

The key to preventing future mold is to control dampness.

The worst infestations usually occur in damp crawl spaces, attics, and walls where water has leaked in from the outside and in basements with poor foundation drainage.

Stop leaks, ensure good ventilation in attics, keep crawl spaces dry and route water away from the foundation for the best prevention.

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