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  1. House-Prep: Things To Do Now So You Can Enjoy A Carefree Summer

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

House-Prep: Things To Do Now So You Can Enjoy A Carefree Summer

Home Maintenance Checklist For a Carefree Summer

Summer might be officially here, but there's still time to knock out last minute house-prep before your true vacation starts. Complete this home maintenance checklist now, and then coast into the summer sun with ease:

1. Get rid of clutter

This goes for in and outdoors. Grab garbage bags and fill them up. A good basic rule is if you haven't used it in a year or if it has any damages, toss it. You can also ask yourself 'Would I buy this if I saw it in a store today?' If you are seeding out your garage, make sure to check with local government policy regarding waste disposal of old paint, solvents, and other toxic substances you might have.

2. Clean oven, stove, microwave, dishwasher and garbage disposal

Lemon juice is the answer to all things kitchen. Microwave a bowl of lemon to soften grime in the microwave, grind it in the garbage disposal to clean out the area, and spray it in the oven and dishwasher for a great scent! In the midst of all your cleaning, don't forget to toss all the expired food from your fridge (and junk food to get a jumpstart on swimsuit season).

3. Clean outdoor furniture and welcome mat

With all the spring showers we've had, your furniture and welcome mat might look (and smell) a little musty. A deep clean will do wonders. If you're battling rust, scrub the affected areas with sandpaper to get them shining new.

4. Inspect and change furnace filters and inspect water heater for leaks

That AC will be working hard the next couple of months. Check and replace the air filters, if needed. For more HVAC help, download our free HVAC Evaluation Guide.

5. Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

It's always better to be safe than sorry. Check your detectors and batteries to ensure that everything is working. Also, make sure everyone in the house knows the plan to evacuate safely and calmly if an emergency were to occur!

6. Clean and inspect outdoor lighting

We can't stress the importance of maintaining your outdoor lighting. In addition to adding major curb appeal, outdoor lighting will keep your yard fully lit, preventing possible crime from coming onto your property. Make sure the light bulbs are still working and that any built-up rust and cobwebs are removed.

7. Yard work

Cleaning up never felt so good. De-weed the yard, trim the trees and bushes and mulch your garden beds to get your yard looking in tip-top shape. Summer is the time to host cookouts and outdoor parties, so you want to show off a yard you're proud of. Check out our lawn services and let us help you prepare your summer yard.

Cheers! You've finished the maintenance checklist and can now sit back and enjoy your clean, summer-ready house!

But, if anything does happen to come up that needs fixing, don't hesitate to schedule a service with us.