Killingsworth K-9 Krew
  1. Killingsworth K-9 Krew

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

Killingsworth K-9 Krew

Introducing the Killingsworth K-9 Krew

...fighting bed bugs one day at a time!

Bandit: a Jack Russell Terrier and the original Killingworth K-9, also known as 'Mr. K'. He has been with Killingsworth Environmental since 2007 and has single-handedly put thousands of homes in the Charlotte area under termite damage warranty as well as calmed the fear of bed bugs for hundreds of homeowners! After eight years of hard work, he's on his way to retirement. Before you know it, Bandit will be a traditional house dog living the good life. Birthday: 7/2006

Bella: a Fox-Terrier mix that's extremely fast and loves to run. While the other members of the K-9 Krew are easily motivated by food, Ms. Bella prefers to be rewarded with a nice game of fetch, She has been working with Killingsworth Environmental for six years and is known for her thoroughness of every inspection. Birthday 3/2007

Dodger: a Jack Russell Terrier mix, with a lot of Jack Russell in him! At almost 10 years old, he's known as the 'old man' of the group. He may be our oldest bug-inspector, but his age does not interfere with his consistency. His vibrant personality and "let's get to work" attitude has quickly made him one of our customers' favorite dogs. Birthday: 12.2005

Lady: a Jack Russell Terrier mix that's a sweet and excitable pooch. She's been working with Killingsworth Environmental since 2008 and focuses on multi-purpose inspections. She is typically looking to sniff out live and/or dead bed bugs and termites. Birthday: 6/2008

Tango and Buckshot: at only a year and a half old, they're the young guns of the group with upbeat personalities. These pups are always on the hunt for live bed bugs, termites, and viable eggs. Every day is a new adventure for these two and they absolutely love what they do. Birthdays: Tango - 8/2012 & Buckshot - 12/2012

They're all exceptionally smart dogs and train on a daily basis with their handlers as well as once a week with Jeff Barnes. Killingsworth Environmental and their clients are thankful for these six tail-wagers and their ability to SNIFF OUT BUGS!

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