The Ultimate Guide To Spring Weed Removal
  1. The Ultimate Guide To Spring Weed Removal

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

The Ultimate Guide To Spring Weed Removal

Tips To Get Rid Of Your Weeds This Spring

Everything about springtime makes spending time outdoors great. From the weather, to the first freshly cut lawn, and the luscious gardens, spring is truly the most magnificent time for the outdoors. (Well, aside from the weeds.)

Luckily, with a little effort, those pesky weeds that have been bothering you for years can finally be taken care of with this ultimate guide to spring weed removal:

Mulch Over Weeds

Surprised by this? Well, mulch blocks daylight and inhibits growth underneath, while retaining moisture. Cover the soil between your plants and along rows with mulch to prevent pesky weed growth. If you're looking for an effective, organic mulch, try shredded leaves or wood chips.

Apply Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Pre-emergent is sprayed on the lawn to prevent weeds from emerging. The spray is activated in the top layer of the soil, where weeds typically grow. We've gotten increased demand for pre-emergent this spring, and as a result, we've released two different pre-emergent specials for April only!

Pull And Hoe

Chemical sprays won't kill any existing weeds, if there are any. Sometimes it takes some good, ole fashioned hoeing to remove spare weeds. Remember this tip: 'if it is wet outside, pull the weeds, if it is dry, hoe them.' Try using an old table fork for an easy, yet effective hoeing tool.

Reduce Open Garden Space

The less space for weeds to grow, the better. Your plants need to be placed together, especially if your soil is rich and well tilled. Check the edges of your garden for any signs of growth and handle as necessary

Weed growth is notorious throughout North Carolina. We have over two decades in experience in lawn care, so we are qualified for any problem you may have.

Schedule a lawn care service with us and we will send a trained technician to come evaluate your situation!