Tips for Window Maintenance
  1. Tips for Window Maintenance

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

Tips for Window Maintenance

Quick & Easy Window Home Maintenance Tips

Are the windows in your house in need of some TLC? Here are some tips for clean, efficient, long-lasting windows that are sure to brighten the whole home up! If not properly cared for, windows can be costly to replace. Avoid having to replace your windows altogether with these tips:

  • Don’t use a pressure washer to clean your windows. The insulating seal and glass will be damaged. Instead, look at other softer techniques that are used when soft washing.
  • Occasionally lubricate moving parts like the rollers and tracks.
  • Spot check for moisture regularly. If moisture accumulates between the layers, it’s likely because there's an issue with the seal.
  • Attend to any damages (cracks, holes, splinters) ASAP. The longer you wait to address an issue, the quicker the window will deteriorate and need to be replaced.
  • Scrape out rotted bits of wood around the window frame and fill with putty.
Clean windows make for a better-looking home both inside and out. Use these tips to keep up the cleanliness and appearance of your windows:

  • Wipe down your blinds once a month. Here’s a handy trick: take a pair of tongs from your kitchen and wrap washcloths (secure with rubber bands) around both ends with. Spray the cloths with a cleaning solution and go over each (vertical or horizontal) slat with the tool. You’ll have dusty-free, clean smelling blinds in no time.
  • Get the gunk out of your window tracks. Try sprinkling baking soda along the tract (especially in the corners where dirt and mold tend to build up), then scrub with a toothbrush.
  • Experiment with different DIY cleaners
*Pro Tip: Microfiber cloths clean windows without leaving behind streaks or lint! Always clean windows on a cloudy day to prevent residue from cleaners drying to the window.

  • Use a device with a long arm to clean the outside of windows that are otherwise tough to reach. A soft car brush works well!
  • Clean window screens with a spray mixture of baking soda, cleaning soda, water, and lavender essential oil. (Lavender is a natural antimicrobial which busts mold and other types of build up). For spiderwebs and other fuzzes, go over screens with a lint roller.
Faulty windows can drive up your energy bill. Use these tips to maximize your window efficiency:

  • Ensure your windows are installed correctly.
  • Prevent drafts and loss of heat/cool air by regularly touching up windows with caulking.
  • Cover your windows with energy-efficient window films
  • Replace all worn out rubber seals to keep the window in place and prevent air from coming and going.
  • Click here for more tips to cut energy costs!
As a North Carolina homeowner, we know you care about two things. Saving money and keeping up the value and appearance of your home. Let us help! Schedule a service with our experts today. We know exactly how to help your home.