Survive The Spring: Eliminate Allergens From Your Home

  • Written by: Killingsworth Environmental
  • March 06, 2018

Say “Bye Bye Indoor Allergens”

More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies this year, and it costs a staggering $18 billion to treat chronic illness caused by allergens throughout the United States. As the cool winter seasons transitions into the spring, allergens will be more prevalent. Although you may be exposed to allergens outside of your home, we believe your home should be your safe space.

Follow these guidelines to survive the spring, and eliminate allergens from your home:

1) Invest in an Air Filter

Air filters are important tools for cleaning the air that circulates through your heating and cooling system. For the allergy-prone, the best kind of filters are high-efficiency particulate air filters, commonly known as ‘HEPA’ filters. These are specifically designed to remove allergens from the air and, since indoor air quality is worse than outdoor, will make everything much easier on your lungs as a whole.

2) Invest in Pest Control

Pests are notoriously known for introducing allergens into the household. Eliminating pests is best accomplished under the guidance of professionals. We recognize the need for pest control this spring, that’s why we are currently offering $50 off of any pest contract.

3) Lower Home Humidity

A good rule of thumb to keeping a clean environment free of allergens is the more dry, the better. This meansĀ lowering the humidity in your home so it won’t breed excess moisture. A good furnace turn-up will ensure your system is working at its most optimal.

4) Completely Eliminate Mold

Where mold exists, allergens exist. The complete elimination of mold will ensure an environment that is allergen free. Utilize this mixture to make a killer (no pun intended) mixture to use on all household surfaces.

5) Keep Yourself Clean

As you go outside, your clothes collect pollen and other allergens. It is best practice to change into fresh clothes as soon as you get home, throwing your old clothes into the wash in the process.

Ensuring your home is free of allergens can be tricky. We are here to help. Contact us if you are in need of any assistance and we will create an allergen-elimination game plan that best fits your needs!

For more information on getting your home spring-ready, download our free Transition to Spring Checklist!


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