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Many property owners don’t realize the amount of damage termites can cause on a commercial property, no matter the type of construction. There are different ways to properly protect your business, with proper treatment being based on several factors. Whether you’re looking for a preventative solution or treatment for an existing termite issue, trust Killingsworth to protect your business.

Unlike our competitors Killingsworth offers our commercial clients termite spot treatment, as well as a full bond. In addition we can do a liquid application or Sentricon AlwaysActive bait system depending on your needs.

24/7 Termite Damage Protection

  • Initial Inspection and Installation
  • Annual inspection by a certified specialist
  • Annual Sentricon AlwaysActive bait system maintenance
  • up to $500,000 damage repair warranty per claim

Termite Prevention: Our Step-by-Step Process

On Commercial properties, the process for protection your structure will vary based on several factors.  At Killingsworth, we offer all termite solutions including Sentricon, Soil Treatments, and Borate Treatment. 

Initial Inspection


At our initial inspection, we will thoroughly check your facility for signs of termite activity. In addition we will conduct a termite damage assessment, and identify conditions that would make a termite infestation more likely to termite infestations




Once we understand the issue and/or risks, we establish a plan to best protected your property.  Treatment methods are based on several factors, including the type of construction and interior/exterior access.  Each property has its own challenges, and Killingsworth is prepared to create the best treatment plan.

Annual Inspection

Annual inspections are essential to proper coverage. We stand behind our treatments and offer extended coverage on an annual basis. We thoroughly inspected the property each year to assure it stays termite free.



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