2018 Mosquito Season Forecast

  • Written by: Killingsworth Environmental
  • May 07, 2018

Mosquito Season 2018: What to expect

There are so many things to look forward to this summer. From BBQ’s with friends and family to days spent by the pool– it’s an exciting time of year for many. One thing you’re probably not looking forward to this summer? Those extremely annoying, buzzing-in-your-ear, feasting-on-your-flesh, pesky mosquitoes. 

This mosquito season is shaping up to be just as bad, if not worse than past seasons.

If you recall, mosquito season 2017 was made worse by a significantly warm winter and a wet spring. While it’s true that these conditions led to the horrible mosquito season, the reverse isn’t necessarily true.

Although we just experienced an unusually cold, long winter, it was extremely wet and this residual water created the ideal breeding ground for all bugs, including mosquitoes. Plus, many species of mosquitoes have adapted to survive in the cold.

Now that temperatures are beginning to heat up, we are likely to see mosquito populations flourish.

Temperature plays a huge role in when mosquito season begins, peaks, and ends. This means mosquito season will vary by region. Generally speaking, the season will start when temps are consistently 50º or above. This is when mosquitos will come out of hibernation and previously laid eggs will hatch. The season will reach its peak in the height of summer, as the bugs thrive in high temperatures. When temps dip below 50º, the season is over.

Unfortunately, mosquito bites are more than just an annoyance during the warmer months. These bloodthirsty bugs carry a number of life-threatening diseases from the West Nile virus, to Zika and more. When mosquitos “innocently

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