Mosquitoes are Coming Back and Zika Hasn’t Left

  • Written by: Killingsworth Environmental
  • March 22, 2017

Stay Aware of Mosquitoes This Spring

At Killingsworth, our number one priority is and always has been to keep your family comfortable and safe, both at home and when traveling.

A little over a year ago, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued their first warning about travel to Brazil and the Caribbean due to Zika, the mosquito-carrying disease linked to various neurological and developmental conditions.

Tourism dropped in these tropical areas last summer, with expecting women and husbands warned to stay home and bug-free.

Recently, the CDC lifted their declaration of the Zika emergency, meaning the UN will be shifting towards more long-term management strategies of the disease so we can look forward to a safe and effective vaccine in a few years.

But contrary to the mild past few months, Zika is still a danger. It’s important to remember that the recent month low could be due to the winter season, and we still might expect to see the high outbreaks again as the weather warms up. Especially now that Zika is localized in the United States, specifically in Florida and Texas.

Women and children in Brazil are still being infected, and there is still a threat of the disease spreading, even in North America.

It’s important for travelers to remain aware and take preventative measures to stay safe. But while saying this, we also don’t want your fear to keep you from getting outside and enjoying this beautiful Charlotte weather.

So whether you’re booking your exciting summer getaways or planning an epic staycation, be sure to plan and pack accordingly to make sure you and yours come back home happy and healthy.

Some useful advice for you this spring:

  • Avoid the beach at twilight, dawn, and dusk
  • Cover up while out
  • Minimize time near sitting water
  • Sign up for text alerts from the CDC
  • Request a room on your hotel’s higher floors
  • Don’t forget your bug spray

Also, check out these 5 things to know this mosquito season.

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