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We’re on it. Protecting your home and family from pests is something we take seriously. That’s why at Killingsworth, we utilize an advanced pest control approach that’s safe for your home, the environment and your wallet. Our integrated pest management involves seeking out the problem (pest), removing it and treating the area to prevent any further pest infestations. Other Charlotte exterminators treat the problem, we find the source & stop them in their tracks–preventing unwanted pests from coming back. Ready to get started?

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Customizable Home Pest Control 

  • Quarter acre yard treatment
  • De-web exterior of a structure
  • Residual pesticide applied on exterior enter points
  • Insecticidal dust applied to cracks and crevices
  • Interior baseboard treatment
  • Exclusion/treatment of plumbing/electrical conduits
  • Attic/crawl space inspection



Pests Found in the Carolinas


Ants                  Bed bugs

  Roaches             Mosquitoes

 Ticks                    Spiders

Rodents               Termites


Reliable. Environmental. Pest Control.


When it comes to choosing a pest control in the Carolinas, we know you have lots of options to choose from. At Killingsworth, we stand out by constantly improving our methods to provide you with better protection from pests. Our professional pest control experts receive regular updates on the best Pest Control Treatment options available for residential and commercial, and our technicians are consistently given new products to improve our already proven pest treatment measures. We pride ourselves on our environmentally friendly approach to pest management that’s not only safe for the environment, but safe for your pets, your home, and your family.

Looking for Pest Control prices? Take a look at our Pest Control Plans and Pricing page to find the best plan for your budget.

Our Three-Step Approach

We have 20+ years of experience in the industry which has allowed us to become experts in all things pests. When it comes to identifying your pest, we know em’ all because we’ve seen em’ all!  Not only do we have a thorough knowledge of pests, but we also have extensive knowledge of local pests (because not all pests are the same).

If there’s one thing our decades in the biz have taught us it’s that not all pest treatments are effective. Some problems require a more drastic approach while some require a different treatment altogether! We apply a barrier that provides exceptional and reliable insect control including the entire home, the garage, and the crawl space. We also perform a quarter-acre yard spray on the initial visit and offer re-treatments throughout the year, at no additional charge for your home or business.

After your problem is treated and it looks like the pests have officially moved out, preventing a future pest nightmare should be your pest control service’s next order of business. Once the proper preventative measures are taken, you shouldn’t have to ever worry about pests in your home again. Pair our home pest control.

So You Think You Have Pests?

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Tina T.

“Technicians are always friendly and courteous. I am petrified of bugs and they always go above and beyond. Always happy with their service!!”