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Pest Removal That’s Reliable

You can rely on the Killingsworth Pest Removal team to take care of your termite, wildlife, bed bug, or general pest control needs while keeping your family and pets safe. We offer both home pest control and commercial pest control services! You didn’t invite these pests in your home or facility & you don’t have to live with them. Unwanted pests can cause damage to your home over time & carry disease. Killingsworth tracks the pest problem to the source & removes them the first time quickly and humanely.

We require excellent customer service from all of our employees & refuse to settle for less. Our standard is what sets us apart from any other pest control company you may have previously worked with.

Pest Control


Bed Bugs






Looking for Mosquito Control?

You can find our Mosquito Control in our Lawn Care division. Or you can go directly to our mosquito control page by clicking the button below.

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Tracking the Source

From creepy crawlies to stingers, our nearby pest exterminators are trained to track the source of the pest or insect problem and treat it accordingly. We will start with an exterminator evaluation process.

Humane Removal

Our wildlife experts will quickly and humanely remove your wildlife guests! We handle residential and commercial wildlife damage management. Without any damage to your pets or your property, we will clear your house to keep your family safe.

Bites in the Night?

Did you wake up with bites from the night? It might be fast-spreading pests. Don’t let their name fool you, they can live in much more than just your bed. We will help you with detection and treatment using bed bug heat treatment to stop them in their tracks.

Termite Specialists

Foundational house damage is a serious matter. Killingsworth proudly services the greater Charlotte area with industry-leading termite inspection & treatment services. We can also help with carpenter ant pest control.

Killingsworth By The Numbers


Year-Round Protection

Over 40,000 homes are under termite and pest contracts and warranties.


Pretreat and Prevention

Over 7,000 new home termite pretreatments are executed every year.


GPS Monitoring

All our 100+ vehicles are monitored by GPS satellite to insure that your technician is on time.

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Raving Reviews

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Chanee B.

“Always professional. The pest control works. They are on time and explain what they are doing in simple term. I am a happy customer.”