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Why Do I Need to Test my Charlotte Soil?

Testing the soil in your lawn will help determine if your soil is acidic, neutral, or alkaline. A soil test more importantly can let you what elements and nutrients your lawn may be missing. Good soil is the base for having a great lawn and a key requisite for all your plants.
Weeds love acidic soil. If you have a large number of weeds infesting your lawn, then the pH of your soil may be part of the problem. An overly acidic soil may hinder your lawn even if you are If you’re using fertilizer to provide nutrients to your plants, very acidic soil can reduce the effectiveness of your fertilizer.

However, if the opposite is true and you have alkaline soul instead of acidic you can also be hurting your loan in a different way. Alkaline soil can prevent your plants from being able to take in certain nutrients like iron. even if your plants only need a little bit of a nutrient, lacking that nutrient can be a cause for concern when trying to get the most from your lawn or plants.

A good reliable soil test can help monitor your lawn health especially when changes may be occurring. If you're adding new plants, trees, or shrubs or you're considering a new landscaping, a soil test will help make sure that your new plants entries fit in with your current environment.

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