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Weed Control for my Charlotte Area Lawn

Weeds are out to ruin your lawn! Unlike other dangers for your lawn like insect infestations, weeds silently creep and grow and try to take over your lawn. It starts off with one weed and the next thing you know your yard is being overtaken by weeds.

Unfortunately, not only are weeds unattractive but they also ruin the health of your yard.

In some instances, what one homeowner considers a weed, another person considers a desirable addition to their landscape. So, for our purposes, we define a weed as a plant you don’t want growing.

Not only are weeds not welcome, but weeds can also inhibit the growth of the plants you DO want by stealing space, nutrients, water, and sunlight. In addition, weeds create an unkempt look in your businesses or homes lawn. If you allow weeds to get a foothold, they can also block drainage pipes, make lawn care even more of a chore, and possibly make your yard hazardous for humans and pets.

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Controlling Weeds

The better shape your yard is in, the less of a chance weed has of gaining traction. When you have a thick & healthy lawn, you have less of a chance of having weeds. Proper watering and fertilizing will also help create a happy, healthy lawn. Balancing your lawn’s pH level is also a good way to keep nuisance plants out of your lawn.

If you see weeds appearing in your yard you can pull them out (making sure to get the roots). But getting rid of a yard full of weeds is another story entirely. For that you need a professional like Killingsworth.

Unfortunately, weed control and weed prevention is not a “one size fits all” approach. Depending on what type of weeds you are dealing with, you may have a tougher fight on your hands than others. Lucky for you the lawn experts at Killingsworth can help you take on any type of weed and win!

Weed control Charlotte NC

Weed control Charlotte NC

Weed Control Has You on the Clock!

The longer you let a weed problem grow, the longer and more intensive the solution will be. Nipping a weed problem before it becomes an infestation will mean more time with a lawn you love vs. an eyesore every time you go outside.

If your lawn needs some TLC whether it is weeds, aeration, overseeding, insects, mole control, or all of the above, you can contact the lawn pros at Killingsworth to get your grass in shape. We help with a variety of Charlotte area grasses, so give us a call today!


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