Protect Your Biggest Investment

Having a termite control plan can reduce home repair fees and frustration. Within the residential sector alone, termite damage can cost homeowners over $1.5 billion dollars per year. That’s not even including commercial structures like condominiums, apartment houses or office buildings. That’s where we come in! 

Termite control is as simple as 1-2-3. We will inspect, control, and prevent the issue from coming back. Other companies treat the problem, Killingsworth starts at the source to solve the problem the first time. We have expert technicians to handle residential & commercial pest control. Don’t be one of the 600,000 homes that have major termite damage this year.

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Protect your biggest investment by having the insurance of re-treatment and in some cases damage coverage.
When our termite technicians come out to your home or business we will fully inspect your home before dealing with a potential termite situation.

Spotting Signs of Termite Problems

Inspect any bubbling or cracked paint on or near the exterior or interior of your house.

Look for winged bugs flying around your house or near the ground.

Seek out mud tubes (straw looking) around your house.

Tap the wood you think might be damaged, if it is it will sound hollow.

Exclusive Flea Treatment

Our exclusive Flea Total Knockout Treatment is completely safe for pets and humans after it is dry. And for carpet-alternative flooring, our tile and grout cleaning service includes a clear sealant that includes a warranty for a year.

Where to Start

The best termite defense is to have a trained termite control professional check your home every year and keep your termite warranty up to date. This is why protecting your home against future termite infestations with a reputable termite company is so important. Local knowledge is key to providing the best service.

So You Think You Have Pests?

Identification, Prevention, and Treatment of Pest Invasion

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Raving Reviews

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De H.

“Killingsworth has treated our home for termites since 2004 when we move into our newly built house. We recently had the seven-year booster treatment. Greg arrived on time, and was thorough inside, carefully inspecting every inch of baseboard. I can’t vouch for his outside work, but he was here for a lengthy time trenching around the foundation and drilling into the slab. All in all, we are well pleased.”