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Pest Control Statesville, NC

Killingsworth has over 27 years of experience providing pest control for Statesville, NC, Iredell County, and the surrounding areas. We help control a variety of pests inside and outside of your home. Whether it is ants, termites, roaches, mice, mosquitoes, or fire ants Killingsworth is here to help you with your pest problems.

As Statesville and the surrounding areas continue to grow this has an impact on pests populations. More food and more shelter for pests mean that it can be easier for infestations to spread in neighborhoods causing more homes to be affected.

Benefits of Professional Pest Control Statesville, NC

When you hire Killingsworth to help with your pest control you aren’t just hiring a company, you are hiring our experience. We know what solutions to use for individual problems insects. How to make sure they are gone and more importantly how to make sure they stay gone.

Killingsworth subscribes to a policy of Integrated Pest Management, also known as IPM. IPM means that we go in with the knowledge of the area, environment, weather, and pests in order to use the most effective pest management techniques in a way that is responsible and safe for your family, home, and pets.

Statesville NC pest control

Statesville NC pest control

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How Do I Chose a Statesville, NC Pest Control Company?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a pest control company to protect your family and home. Below is a list of things to keep in mind when you are deciding between pest control companies.

Pest Control Price: Price is almost always a factor when purchasing pest control. However, while raw cost is a factor, at Killingsworth, we think that price vs. service expectation is the truest test of the best company fit. There will always be pest control companies that charge a very low fee, but what do you get for that money? Value vs price is really the name of the game in pest control. Killingsworth pest control is very competitive in the Statesville area. In addition, you can bundle a variety of pest, mosquito, and termite protection and get an even greater value.

Your Pest Control Needs: There are a lot of different options for pest control out there. Make sure that the pest control plan that you pick works for you and your family.

  • Do you want a basic pest control plan?
  • Do you want one that protects your family against pests and mosquitoes?
  • Do you want a plan that includes Termite protection? (You do want to protect your largest investment.)

Look at different plans and compare them apples to apples.


Find a Highly Rated Pest Control Company in Statesville?

Compare the reviews of the Statesville pest control companies that you are considering. Another factor is the number of reviews they have online. It’s pretty easy to get a few positive reviews. But if they have 100’s of positive reviews they might be worth considering. If they have lots of positive reviews on Google, you can be confident that most of their customers like the pest control service.

Statesville NC Pest Control

Statesville NC Pest Control

Looking for a Google Guaranteed Pest Control in Statesville?

This is a certification that pest control companies must apply for to receive from Google. The Google Guarantee tells you as a consumer that Google has examined the pest control company to ensure they have the correct insurance, licenses, and meets their Googles background checks. Google guarantees that if you hire that company, you will be satisfied and if not, Google will offer a refund.
We hope you chose Killingsworth for your Statesville, NC pest control needs.

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