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Need the Best Pest control in Indian Trail, NC?

Looking for a great company to help with your pest control in Indian Trail, NC? Killingsworth has got you covered for your home or your business.
Since 1993 Killingsworth has assisted over 50,000 homeowners in the Indian Trail area with ants, roaches, mosquitoes, and termites. We think we do a great job with pest control, and so do our customers, and it shows. Hundreds of our customers have reviewed us. Our average rating on Google is 4.9 out of 5. This proves that Killingsworth is one of the best pest control companies in Indian Trail, Union County and the Carolinas!

Do one-time treatments work for Pest Control in Indian Trail, NC?

While Killingsworth does offer one-time pest control treatments in Indian Trail, NC, we don’t think this is the most effective way of treating your pest problems. A one-time treatment may seem to solve a problem. However, most nuisance insects that we see in Indian Trail like ants, roaches, and mosquitoes simply come back or more likely are never eradicated. To effectively reduce the pest population in your home or business, we treat multiple times throughout the year. Killingsworth is proud to offer customers whole season pest plans to fit their needs and budget.

With our annual pest control plans we schedule a visit to your home three times a year. But if you have a pest problem and you need us, we will come to solve any issues. This extra treatment has no additional cost to you.

Want a Quick Pest Control Quote in Indian Trail, NC?

Pest Control Indian Trail
When you call the pros at Killingsworth you can get a pest control quote in minutes. That saves you time and addresses your problem quicker. Unlike other Indian Trail pest control companies, there is no waiting for days and taking time off from your life to get a salesperson out to you while your pest problems get worse.
In almost all cases our team can give you a pest, termite, or mosquito control quote over the phone.

Safer Pest Control in Indian Trail NC?

Choosing Killingsworth for your home or business for pest control in Waxhaw, NC means that you are getting a team that is dedicated to Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is the safest and most effective pest control philosophy. Killingsworth considers a variety of factors for pest control including targeted pests, weather, home environment, and a lot of other variables when treating your home for pests. Ready to get a rapid quote right over the phone, call us now!

All in-one Pest Control in Indian Trail, NC

You want all your pest worries solved so pick up the phone and call Killingsworth. We offer different packages that can take care of pests inside; roaches, ants, and mice and outside, ants and mosquitoes. We even target the pests that are sneaking through the ground trying to destroy your largest investment, that’s right termites. Killingsworth takes care of those as well.
Killingsworth also has one of the biggest bedbug K-9 detection teams in North and South Carolina to find those painful bedbugs. Quick fact, did you know that humans can find a bedbug infestation about 30% of the time but our K9 unit has a 97% accuracy rate.
Got fire ants in your yard and spiders on your porch? We can help.

Ready to get a free, no hassle quote right over the phone? Give Killingsworth Environmental a call and have a pest free home or business.

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