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Do you need help with Pest Control in Belmont, NC? Whether you have roaches, mice, ants, termites, or mosquitoes, the pest control specialists at Killingsworth help you and your family get back to where you want to be, pest-free. Population increases combined with new growth in Belmont put more pest pressures on home and business owners. More places to invade means more pest problems.

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Importance of Regular Pest Control in Belmont NC

Different pests mean different problems for your home in Belmont. Some pests that are perceived as only “nuisance” pests can have a large impact on you and your family’s health!
● While ants and roaches may be seen as a nuisance. Did you ever consider where insects have been traveling? Your floors, your pipes behind your toilet, in crawlspaces, and over each other. Then they walk on your food and countertops.
● Critters like mice and rats also can spread illness with cross-contamination. In addition, they also gnaw and claw on wiring in your home making a house fire more likely.
● Speaking of damage to your home, Termites eat the wood that is the structural component of your home. Many people only worry about termites in the spring and summer but unfortunately, they are not seasonal pests. Termites eat and forage for food 365 days a year.
● While many people see Mosquito bites as annoying, they can also cause health issues for people and animals.

Rapid Pest Control in Belmont, NC?

The Charlotte area is where Killingsworth was established in 1993, this is where we have honed our craft and gained experience. This level of experience in Belmont and the surrounding areas means that we can get you to a pest-free home quicker than most of our competitors. That starts with a quick and accurate quote right over the phone. No waiting on a salesperson to stop by, and no waiting for a second appointment where the actual examination of your pest problems takes place. The result is that calling Killingsworth saves you time and gets your pest problem handled faster.

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